Sunday, September 20, 2009

Very Excited - Blog Carnival Post

For the last week I have been firing my kiln like crazy trying to get ready for my show this coming weekend. I am doing a festival in Pensacola, and I am very excited. I haven't been to many festivals this year because I was trying to see what the economy was going to do, but I have decided to jump in and try one out to test the waters. I am bringing a bunch of small murals, including one that I just got out of the kiln today, it is of a shrimp boat docking. I also got out a lot of chip n dips and sculpted bowls with blue crabs on them. I am also very excited because my light blue had gotten a little faded looking, and I tried something new and punched up the color. I am going to get some pics up of it because I really like the results.

Here is a pic of me and one of my dogs MK in my studio. I work in an old tin building that is out in the middle of nowhere. It has several other artists in other tin buildings. My studio has leak in the roof, and a concrete floor. It gets really cold in the winter, but I still like it.

I guess for me I have always loved to craft, and now I am just happy that I get to do it full time :)

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