Tuesday, February 16, 2010

New Cat

So we got a new cat this weekend from our local shelter. Now the family has grown to 3 dogs and two cats! My friend told me I officially qualified as a zoo. Our neighbors have been trying to get rid of their mice, and some how ran them onto us. So I decided that putting out poisons scares me (I don't want one of our animals or a neighborhood animal to get into it), so I thought having a cat around might help. I know you are thinking don't you have a cat? Yes, but she doesn't have the game plan. She runs up to the mouse as fast as she can, and then stops and looks a it. The squirrels in our yard will actually sit next to her because she is so unthreatening. The new cat is black with a white chest and feet. She is about a year old. She is quite the little pistol. She doesn't sit still ever, and I have a scratch on my chin, neck, and hand. She loves to play so I think she will be good at keeping everything ran away. There was a beautiful calico there, but it wasn't spunky at all! So I thought she would be better. Fate has only growled at her once, and we haven't had any fights yet.


  1. I LOVE the visual of squirrels lounging around your cat!! just discovered your blog on etsy forums! come on over and visit me sometime! namaste, elsie

  2. Yours is the second blog in as many days to adopt a cat. Must be a trend! :)

    Enjoy your new "baby" and have a great day.

  3. It's lovely from you to adopt another cat, hope she will have a long and beautiful life by your side :-)


  4. After a few days she really fits in, she is as crazy as the rest of my animals! One of the dogs is terrified of her, and today while I was trying to plant flower seeds she was trying to catch them.

  5. It's really lovely of you to adopt another cat. I have two myself. Both tabbies from the same litter. First time ever I had pets. But oh I love them so much! Good luck with your pets! I also love your pottery!