Tuesday, February 23, 2010

It's finally sunny!

So I went to the store, and got two new plants to put in my yard. I got a confederate jasmine and a yellow jasmine. They are going to smell so good! I want to get a gardenia too. I also noticed that my first bulbs started blooming! I have three little yellow Crocius' that popped out. I posted a green summery casserole on etsy today to get ready for Spring.

The horse show did not go as expected this weekend, I bombed! It was the worst I have done in ten years! Oh well, Snoopy will get 'em next time.



  1. Sounds like niczzz plantzzz. Funny, I looked in one tiny raised bed on Sunday to see if the daffodil shoots had poked up. What was I thinking. The snow just melted :)

  2. It's exciting when it gets time for things to start poking through! My daffodils are about five inches tall, but I don't have any blooms yet.